after losing love, you'll be like a stranger with the one you loved
"The lover"

-“If suddenly you want to see me, look in the mirror. Because you’re me.”

- “People say that…. you can do anything if you try hard enough….but the truth is that there are something… that you can’t do no matter how hard you try. The only thing we can do in those cases is pray…We can only pray for miracles.”

- “It’s noona.”

- “Let’s fight!”

- “Do you not want me to come anymore?”

- “Even after hearing and seeing all that about me, Do you think there’s another woman out there who can camly just listen like you? I don’t think there are any out there. Hae Soo, if there’s another woman like that, Please tell me so I won’t hang out onto you this much”


Lee Bum Soo - Marie Claire Magazine September Issue ‘14